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1. Will I be expected to wear a mask?

We would love it if you come with a mask or face covering, best to be safe

2. Will the staff be wearing PPE?

Yes, we will all be wearing PPE as advised by the government for both yours and our safety

3. Can I bring a friend/my husband/my child?

We have to strict as to how many people we have in the salon so please come alone

4. Can I pay by cash?

We do not want to handle cash at the moment so card/contactless is preferred

5. Will the salon be observing social distancing where possible?

Yes, we have markings in reception, and we will observe social distancing wherever possible

6. Can I get my usual tea/coffee and magazines?

Sorry but we are not permitted to serve hot drinks, but water will be available in a biodegradable paper cup and we cannot have any magazines for now

7. Can I just ‘pop’ in for an appointment or to buy products?

All appointments must be pre-booked. If you arrive to purchase products, please ring ahead or ring the doorbell and wait for us to let you in

8. What are the team doing to maintain hygiene in the salon?

Every appointment has a gap between for disinfecting. We have strict rotas for cleaning throughout the day. Disposable items will be used as much as possible or items disinfected between use. PPE will be worn, including masks, visors, aprons, and gloves. Screens have been installed where social distancing is not possible

9. What do I do if I feel ill the day of my appointment?

Please do ring and cancel, we have reviewed out cancellation policy for now so you won’t be charged

10. Can I still come in if I’m just back from holiday?

Can we ask that you do not visit us for 7 days after your holiday

11. Will there be sanitiser available?

Yes, we have sanitiser throughout the salon

12. What should I bring to my appointment?

As little as possible please. It would help if you bring a bag large enough to put all your clothes and belongings in. Also if you get chilly during your treatments feel free to bring your own towel or blanket for comfort

13. What do I do when I arrive outside? The door is locked?

Please ring the salon phone 01423561178 and we will give you instructions. If all else fails, ring our doorbell and wait

14. Can I stay and relax after my treatment?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow for waiting after treatments, but we will get back to normal eventually I’m sure!

15. What happens if I am late?

Chances are if you are late we won’t be able to see you

16. Can I change my treatments when I arrive?

As we are needing to be very strict with people in and out it is unlikely we can change your appointment

17. Can I use the bathroom?

We ask that you only use the bathroom if you really need to

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