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What should I wear for my treatment? 

Some treatments require you to wear just underwear but we will always protect your modesty with towels and blankets. Your therapist will advise you on which items to remove before leaving you to undress privately. For waxing and tanning treatments we will provide disposable pants. For most other treatments just wear comfortable clothing. For spray tanning we suggest bring loose clothing to leave in. 

Why do I need a patch test for some treatments? 

Some of our treatments use products or equipment which can occasionally cause irritation or an allergic reaction. For this reason we must carry out patch tests usually at least 24/48 hours prior to your visit. You will be advised of this when booking and given advice. Please don’t ask us to carry out a treatment without patch test as we are a professional business and will never take that risk. 

Why do I need to complete a medical consultation form on arrival? 

We must ensure that you are fit and well to have your chosen treatment without any known contra-indications. If we advise you not go ahead we can often offer an alternative so please speak to our team. 

Why have I been asked to bring a doctors consent for my treatment? 

Some of our treatments are fairly advanced or use specialised electrical equipment. It may be decided by your therapist that we need your doctor to confirm that you are not putting yourself at risk by having your chosen treatment. We will always put our wellbeing first so please respect our therapists decision if they ask for a note. 

Are all your therapists qualified? 

Yes all our senior therapists hold a nationally recognised qualification. We do have trainees in our salon but you will be advised if your treatment is with a trainee. Their prices are a little less but they will be mentored/supervised until they pass certain units. 

How old do I have to be to come to the salon for treatments? 

It varies depending on the treatment so please call and ask. We require that anyone under 16 will require a parent/guardian to sign their consultation form and to be present during treatment. 

What should I do prior to a spray tan? ​

Please exfoliate and moisture the day before, then arrive with no body lotion, deodorant, perfume or make-up.

I have a disability, can I still come to the salon? 

Yes indeed, we have a downstairs treatment room, disabled bathroom and no steps on the ground floor. Please ask for this treatment room on booking so we can have it ready for your arrival. 

I’m not sure what to book, what should I do? 

Please call our friendly, helpful reception team for advice. Or you could book a free consultation with one of our therapists and we can recommend or create a tailor made plan for you. 

I’m pregnant, can I still come in for treatments? 

We can still look after you throughout your pregnancy although some treatments will require you to be over your first trimester. We would also avoid treatments with Aromatherapy oils as these can be quite potent. Please ask our therapists for recommendations to keep you looking great throughout. 

Can I wear make-up after my treatment?

We usually recommend you leave your skin free of makeup after your treatment but for some treatments it is not a problem. Please ask reception or your therapist for advice prior to booking or at the start of your treatment. 


Can I go out in the sun after my treatment? 

Some treatments are strongly contra-indicated against sun exposure, these include laser, thread vein reduction, Guinot Electrical facials, waxing, electrolysis to name a few. Your therapist will advise you or contact our reception for individual advice. 

How long will my Shellac last? 

Always a very difficult question as everyone expects it to be perfect for 2 weeks. Truth is we can all easily chip a nail but some people do find that due to the moisture level in their nails they will peel more easily, therefore we cannot predict how long it will last. We will, where possible repair a chip but please trust us that we cannot guarantee 2 weeks of perfection. 


Can I park nearby? 

Yes there is plenty on-street disc parking in our area which is mostly for 3 hours. If you don’t have a disc we can provide you with one from reception. 


Can I bring my dog? 

We are very dog friendly for calm, quiet, house-trained pooches. Unfortunately if your dog is very boisterous or barks a lot, we may have to ask you to leave your dog at home. Our priority always remains to keep you all happy so we may at some point be required to review our dog policy if any issues arise. 


I only want advice, can you help? 

Indeed, we offer free 15 minute consultations for all our treatments and also longer 30 minute Guinot skincare consultations where we can discuss any skin problems you may have and recommend a prescriptive homecare routine, we’ll even send you off with some samples for you to try. 

What if I’m not happy with my treatment? 

Although we pride ourselves on our extremely high level of service and professionalism we know that occasionally we may not get it spot on. We would rather know, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unhappy. We will always endeavour to put things right. If you don’t leave feeling better then we haven’t done our job. 


How do you store my information and keep it private? 

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us so please refer to our privacy policy on our website

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